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    Helping You Overcome the Leadership Challenges that Frustrate High Potential Geeks and Nerds from Getting Recognised and Promoted

    for Geeks, Nerds, Scientists, Engineers and Tech Leaders

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    Our Purposeful Leadership Coaching is aimed at tech leaders, senior managers and C-suite to take their leadership to the next level. With a solid foundation in greater business acumen (essential to win the hearts and minds of the shareholders and senior leaders) and becoming a purpose-driven coaching leader who sustains cohesion of unity and effort from the team. Our Purposeful Leadership Coaching leverages neuroscience and is a flipped classroom programme incorporating live (supported) individual and group projects usually taking place over 9 months to 2 years. It is ideal for leaders, teams and organisations wanting to get rid of the silos in their business and leverage the power of true teamwork, build trust and real collaboration.

    We help leaders identify and leverage their talents and gifts to fulfil their purpose in work and life. And doing so brings them Joy @ Work.

    And in case you don't yet know your own purpose, let us help you cut through the noise.

    Firstly, the great news is that it's not about you.

    Your purpose is to serve others! Quite how, well that's another matter that we can discuss later. In the meantime, reflect on those times when you felt that wonderful, satisfied peace inside having just done something for someone else, that you were especially good at doing,, and thoroughly enjoyed doing. Those times are huge clues to uncover the power of your purpose, and thus the power of your leadership.

    Professional leadership coaching - hacking the neuroscience of expert leadership so that you can realise your true potential in life and work

    Of course, if you want your team to lack confidence, fear failure, have endless meetings revisiting the same old things again and again and encourage second guessing then don't click here.

    Results experienced by our clients

    Increased Productivity


    Increased Revenue + Profits


    Time Saved each week


    Reduced Staff Turnover


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