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Understand Me 4 – Who are they?

DrJohnK May 8, 2021 At this point, you know what your audience Knows and what the Need to know. You’ve got a handle on their Opinion and remember that they need to be right, and they need to belong and you will be encouraging their positive self-image. But you recall the saying it’s […]

AdvantEdge PodCast

Understand Me 3 – What is their Opinion?

DrJohnK May 7, 2021 I didn’t recognise the number but I was expecting a call and thus began another 5 minute rude interruption. We all get them. We all hate them. And yet companies persist in using telemarketing and tired sales scripts. This one was especially bad. It was someone trying to sell […]

AdvantEdge PodCast

Understand Me 2 – What do the Know?

DrJohnK May 5, 2021 What do they Know? Let’s start with asking what do your audience already know about you and your topic? There are two extreme dangers here: 1. Assumptions and 2. The Curse of Knowledge You see I carry a curse. A curse of knowledge. Just as you do: The Curse […]

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Message Mastery

Touch My Heart – Communicate with Impact

DrJohnK May 23, 2014

Communicate with Impact Ideas are the currency of the 21st century. The ability to communicate your ideas persuasively is the single greatest skill you need to accomplish your dreams Spreading your ideas in the 21st Century requires a 21st Century model of communication Let me introduce you to HUGS Neuroscience research using brain scans reveals that stories […]