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GAPPS Assessment – uncover and leverage your Leadership Talents

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Welcome to GAPPS

GAPPS is unlike other psychometric tests that you may have used in the past. Such tools are most often used to determine the individual's ‘personality' or ‘traits' which you then most often use to determine what sort of person you are

Other assessments that you may have taken compare your behaviours or characteristics against those of the organization, or the team, or a few, the job. This is great… but… they do not tell you what you really need to know after this.

Can you be developed? If you can, what do you need to develop to achieve what you want to achieve? And what are your development priorities? Do you have the potential to succeed? Is this position and company (and its values) right for you? Do you show integrity? And many other unanswered questions… until now.

Everyone who uses GAPPS receives a copy of their full report and personal feedback from a professional coach. Together, we identify the high priority development areas and necessary mindset to raise performance to reach your potential.

GAPPS is used by leading organizations both large and small. Through all stages of the employee life-cycle: recruitment and selection, on-boarding, performance management, succession planning, talent management, transition and even out-placement.

The GAPPS Assessment

GAPPS is our part of powerful GAINMORE™ AdvantEdge Potential to Performance System. Unlike other leadership assessment tests, GAPPS provides you with a comprehensive profile report showing your AAA for leadership success:

  • Leadership Attributes – Character
  • Leadership Abilities – Competencies
  • Leadership Agility – Potentiality

GAPPS identifies your current strengths AND your priority development areas AND your potentiality as a leader. With links to our unique, interactive online coaching system. The GAPPS full assessment includes personal feedback coaching (45-60 minutes) preferably face to face, else by video conference. You can also receive access to the AdvantEdge Toolbox – this covers the foundational modules for each of the 12 areas under the GAINMORE™ model as a full, interactive and supported online learning tool.

Your GAPPS profile report is sent to you in pdf format one working day before your scheduled feedback coaching session.

Feedback Coaching

Everyone who takes our GAPPS assessment schedules their feedback coaching with one of our professional coaches. This session, if you are in Singapore or near our international offices in New Zealand, Minneapolis USA, Sydney Australia, or London UK is best conducted face to face at your offices. When it is not convenient to meet in person, feedback coaching is done by web video conference or for those of you without the infrastructure, by telephone.

Feedback coaching – it's like having your very own leadership caddy inside

Your feedback coaching session lasts for 45 minutes to one hour. It is your chance to ask questions, clarify anything about your profile and to benefit from guidance by a professional, experienced leadership development expert. It is your time, make the most of it. Often, your coach will give you “homework” – specific guidance to do something. This might be to access our GAINMORE™ AdvantEdge Toolbox (which is also included). Perhaps we recommend a particular book to read, video to watch, or simply complete a template about your own goals.

After your Feedback

Your coach will send a summary report of your feedback coaching session to you via email. This serves as a reminder of your discussions and usually includes any links to recommended resources for your continued development.

Is it confidential?

All our coaches operate under the guiding principles of the International Coaching Federation and the General Data Protection Act (GDPR).

Your coach will NEVER share personal information that has no direct relationship or relevance on your sponsoring organization with any other person.

If your GAPPS assessment test is sponsored, after your feedback coaching session we share with your sponsor (usually your HR and/or direct line manager):

  • A summary GAPPS assessment profile.
  • A summary of your post feedback coaching session report AFTER you have received this report and not indicated to your coach to edit within 48 hours of receipt by you.

In short, we will only share information about you that has direct relevance to your development in your work or performance. All information shared is subject to your agreement with your coach that it may be shared.

How does it work?

  • Your sponsor (usually led by HR) informs us that you are to take the GAPPS
  • We send you an email inviting you to participate. This email includes your unique coded link to take the assessment.
  • The assessment itself takes between 25 and 40 minutes to complete.
    • Answer all questions and statements honestly and candidly. This assessment is for your benefit. It is for you to learn what your leadership strengths are, and the development areas to achieve what you want to achieve.
    • There are no right or wrong answers.
  • When you submit at the end of the assessment you will see a ‘Successful Submission” screen and later receive an email confirming your successful submission.
  • On the “Successful Submission” screen you will be prompted to schedule your feedback coaching session. Click the link and login to our coaching calendar, please indicate where the coaching will take place (office address, room, or skype name or telephone number).
  • Choose a day and time available on our calendar. You will receive an email confirmation with an ical attachment (synch this straight into your own calendar). Please try and schedule your session within one week of submission.
  • 24 hours prior to your scheduled session, you will receive an email reminder with a link to download your GAPPS profile report pdf copy.
    • Please consider the environment before printing, your report is 18 pages in colour. You may bring your laptop to the feedback coaching session.
  • Your feedback coaching session will last 45 minutes to one hour.
  • After your session, your coach will send an email summary report as a reminder of your feedback and any links to help your continued development. Usually within 24 hours.
  • 48 hours after your session, your coach will send you an email with a link to confirm that you have received your feedback summary report and asking for your agreement to share your report with your sponsor.
  • Within 7 days of your feedback session, your coach will share agreed information with your sponsor.
  • Typically within 4 weeks, your coach will follow up with you to:
    • Check your progress with your “homework”
    • Evaluate the GAPPS assessment and feedback coaching

What is GAPPS?

GAPPS identifies your current strengths AND your priority development areas AND your potential as a leader. With links to our unique, interactive online learning system. The GAPPS full assessment includes personal feedback coaching (45-60 minutes) preferably by video conference.

The GAPPS Assessment test uncovers your strengths
Uncovering and Leveraging your strengths and talents is far far better than tackling your weaknesses.

You can also receive access to the AdvantEdge Coaching System Toolbox – this covers the foundational modules for each of the 12 areas under the GAINMORE™ model as a full, interactive and supported online learning tool. Additional comparative profiles for teams, culture fit, recruitment and all parts of the employee life cycle are available to accelerate and improve your interventions.

Your profile report includes an overview and comparison with your chosen benchmark.

Leadership Attributes and Abilities: GAINMORE™ Development profile, and IQ, MQ & EQ.

GAINMORE™ Attributes and Development Report


You can choose from:·

  • Person-Job/role fit·
  • Person-Team fit·
  • Person-Organization fit·
  • Person-culture fit·
  • Person-boss fit·
  • Self-Others view (180˚/360˚)

You may be looking for someone to fit the current team, or re-balance the team and sometimes, create change in the team culture!


Detail example Leadership Attributes

Showing each Attribute and Ability clearly, the individual’s ‘normal’ behaviour and the Agility they demonstrate in each factor.


Looking to recruit someone who is going places? Or perhaps someone who is likely to settle at the level you are recruiting?

The primary use of GAPPS is for leadership development and coaching. You can use it to undertake a 360˚ assessment of your leadership team, succession planning, high potentials identification… You get the idea.

Arrange a meeting with us to discuss how we can partner with you now.

When to use GAPPS

  • Recruitment
  • Leadership Development Planning
  • Talent Identification and Development
  • Future Leaders Identification and Development
  • Identify Performance Roadblocks

Validity and Reliability

With more than 43,468 subjects (63% from Asia Pacific) in our database representing 26 different countries, 16 broad job functions, GAPPS has proven itself to have a very high reliability, validity and accuracy

Test-retest reliability and internal consistency

  • Correlation ranges from .76 to .95
  • Cronbach alpha – from .77 to .84


  • Validity tests against DISC, 16PF, OPQ, LDQ, MBTI all show high validity of GAPPS4

When you want to find out about your team's leadership capabilities, you want to use GAPPS. One tool that does the job of five others … and better.