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Who's it for?

Aimed at managers and leaders who seek to raise their own performance or that of their team.

How we do this

This programme is offered to individuals and small groups in a flipped classroom model.

We will be using more neuroscience hacks to improve communications, motivation and influence in particular with a clear focus on setting and achieving results in the workplace.

How long will we work together?

Best developed over a one year programme with monthly coaching sessions, TouchPoint check-ins and supported action learning.

What will I learn?

Every coaching programme is custom-tailored based on your needs and objectives, and how we leverage your specific strengths and talents. Typically, most of our clients go through these coaching modules:

  • How to Live on Purpose
  • Prioritising What Matters
  • Motivation to Change
  • Communications Mastery
  • How to Influence Without Authority
  • Setting and Communicating Goals That Drive Performance
  • Measuring What Matters

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