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The Power of the First Step

The Power of the First Step

Have you ever wondered why change is so tough? Why is it, that with our very best intentions, we still ...
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jill in stress and fighting the covid 19 virus and shielding herself from Joe who is social distancing and waving.

Winning the Battle in your Soul against Stress, Fear and Covid

Purpose: Sharing neuroscience hacks to help you win the battle in your soul during this time of lockdowns, social distancing ...
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time to geek out on chemistry to get to the root of your feelings

Hacking Neuroscience to Re-Inspire your Get Up and Go (aka Motivation)

We all want an inspirational leader. Someone to look up to, to give us hope, motivation and direction. A leader ...
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going digital

Are You Ready to Go Digital?

You will be aware of the vast riches to be had by converting your training or coaching into an online ...
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The brain waves

SELAH! Take Charge of Your Brain Waves

Every day you are busy. Emails fill your inbox, some of them might even matter. Your todo list gets ticked ...
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Joe middle of nowhere lacking command intent

How to Manage Uncertainty with Command Intent

Command Intent - It's what separates the driven teams who succeed and the mediocre teams? Everyone has a plan until ...
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purpose full Jill superwoman pose

LA 082: In Search of Meaningful Work and purpose

Encourage Even in the direst circumstances, people seek out their purpose in life: Viktor Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning 1 ...
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Thriving in Difficult Times

Thriving on Purpose Through Difficult Times

Purpose: To equip you with purpose to lead and inspire your staff and to manage uncertainty with command intent, to ...
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Joe heart attack defrib cute nurse

A Brush with Life

14 days ago, I was dead. The surgical team fought hard and shocked me rudely back to the operating table ...
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