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Leadership Congruence: Do You Walk the Talk? | Linked 2 Leadership

DrJohnK July 17, 2014 10

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Does your boss walk his or her talk?

Do you?

Sometime's ‘walk your talk' is a little bit of a trite phrase, as is its cousin “practice what you preach'. Incongruence though creates distrust and disagreement, according to Patrick Veroneau, CEO of Emery Group.

A foundational behavior in effective leadership requires demonstrating congruence between what one says and what one does. Unfortunately, many times the behaviors of those in charge reflect a philosophy of “do as I say not as I do” rather than one of congruence.

Incongruence at both the personal and organizational level often results in distrust and disengagement by the people who have experienced or observed the incongruence.

They are the managers who stress transparency. yet would not relay important information to their people. Maybe they are the managers who stressed integrity. yet are unethical in their own behaviors.

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