Transform your Strengths into Purposeful Business Leadership

for Geeks, Nerds, Scientists, Engineers and Tech Leaders

Most whip smart Geeks and Nerds struggle because they haven't developed the core skills required for success in leading the business. But what if you could take your current strengths and talents into effective leadership?

Proven systems.
A personal mentor and coach

Leadership AdvantEdge Coaching develops you with the skills and confidence you need to thrive and be a better leader.

Do These Frustrations Sound Familiar?

  • Others just don't get it!
  • Stakeholders changing their minds… again!
  • I need to easily influence and motivate others.
  • Don't want to study that fluffy people stuff!
  • Can't get the needed resources.
  • The more I achieve, the more is expected.
  • Endless demands on my time.
  • Not recognised or appreciated.
  • Delegate? If only I could trust them.

Get Ready To Thrive

I guide tech folk to be better leaders themselves through coaching that helps them more quickly master the peevish task of dealing with actual people across the business, allowing them to better succeed in their career.

  • Learn how to influence anyone about anything easily.
  • Communicate with confidence and power.
  • Manage all stakeholders from the get go.
  • Use neuroscience hacks that save you time and effort.
  • Inspire yourself and others and make a difference.
  • Align the right resources in the right time.
  • Overcome the 7 Leadership Challenges so you can thrive
  • Debunk the 5 Fatal Leadership Myths.
  • Get more done in less time with less effort.

It's so easy to GET STARTED

In as little as three months, with our coaching, tools, guidance and resources you'll debunk any of the 5 Fatal Leadership Myths you may have accepted and then you'll overcome any or all of the the 7 Key Challenges of Management and Leadership.

We will be accountable to help you leverage your existing technical strengths and talents and transform these into effective leadership skills ready to rise in the organisation and take your necessary place at the big table.


Results Experienced by our Clients


Increased Productivity


Increased Revenue and Profits


Time Save Each Week


Reduced Staff Turnover

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Accelerate your Growth and be a Smarter Leader in less than 18 minutes

Perhaps you're thinking that it should be your business leaders who get coaching. And sure they probably should do so, but let's be honest, your business leaders are not going to be able to learn how to speak geek anytime soon, let alone come down to the basement to check on how you are doing.

It's time that the people who create and make things happen unleashed their power to manage the business and lead the people better. You could go and get yourself a nice expensive MBA and spend years developing the leadership skills you'll need, or you can work with a guide who will help you hack the neuroscience that will make you a better manager and leader.