The Neuroscience of Trust in Unceratin Times

Trust is a fickle thing. It’s been liked to a bankroll in your pocket. Each time you earn someone’s trust your bankroll gets a little larger. You keep on demonstrating your trustworthiness to people and your bankroll slowly but steadily grows. When I do this in a live example in workshops, I give the volunteer […]

What does the future hold for trust and collaboration?

Nothing gets done in a single silo or department anymore. Constant collaboration and trust are at a premium because everything worth doing is always led by cross-functional teams. Now, the essential foundations of Collaboration and Trust are deteriorating. As leaders, we need to act now and stop the slide. We need to make our people […]

Am I Ready for Professional Executive Leadership Coaching?

Now that you are considering leadership coaching to develop and grow as a leader, you’ll have quite a few questions about how you might benefit, how much time it will take, what happens and who would you work alongside? Let me answer by sharing a story about Alex. Alex is an up and coming leader with […]