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LA 074: How to Thrive When the Robots Rise

JohnK August 25, 2018

There’s a lot of excitement about artificial intelligence (AI) and the potential for robots to autonomously make decisions about what gets done, how it gets done, and who does it. As the technology fast approaches the dreams of science fiction, many professionals, blue and white colour workers are beginning to […]


LA 069: Getting to knOW your Audience

JohnK March 6, 2018

Part 5 of our series on Being an Exceptional presenter takes us into the OW of KNOWing your Audience. Blame the ‘O’ for millions of people being fearful of presenting at all. And blame the ‘W’ for most presenters failing. It’s also why most telemarketing sucks. Both to receive and to do. […]

AdvantEdge PodCast

Finding Your Goldilocks Zone

JohnK March 18, 2017

Goldilocks is fast asleep when the bears return home. She found her perfect bed, not too big and not too soft. After eating her fill of the perfect porridge that wasnt too hot and wasn’t too sweet. Goldilocks had tested the beds upstairs and fell into a deep sleep. The […]