H2H Connectional Interface Intelligence

Leadership does not happen in a vacuum, it only happens in a relationship. And relationships only happen when we connect. Great leaders have great relationships with people, especially their people. Crappy leaders have poor relationships with their people and usually, pretty well everyone else too. If you want to be a good leader, you need […]

Pride and Prejudice

You’re Biased! Now, before you go off in a huff and rant against my assertion do, please, let me explain. Everyone has biases. Actually, you have to or else your brain would drain all of your energy. Prejudice is one example of cognitive bias that is most often a preconceived, unfavourable opinion about another person […]

The H2H Interface – How People Think – Volume Control

To save energy, your brain loves to use short-cuts. There is so much going on in the world around you right at this moment, that you cannot possibly, consciously process all that information. It would just be totally overwhelming. To cope and save essential gas (energy) for other things, every person has their own unique […]