You will be aware of the vast riches to be had by converting your training or coaching into an online product that is consumed happily by hungry customers who are simply desperate to give you their hard earned cash in droves.

It is the ultimate dream to be able to make money while you sleep and retire to an exotic beach and live the high life….

Or at least that is what the Interweb marketeers and platform peddlars would like you to believe.

The truth is somewhat different.

I’ve put together a handy little 25 point checklist for you to help you “Go Digital”.

This simple yet comprehensive checklist of questions will help you significantly increase your chance of success.

Go through these 25 questions in as much detail as possible BEFORE you go so far as to choose any platform or software or what to create, let alone how to create it.

Are you Ready for Going Digital? Get this 25 Point Checklist.

By doing so you will save a great deal of your time and wasted effort that I spent the past 28 years making on your behalf.

Have a blessed day