You make the stuff you sell to provide homes for families, the best education for well-fed kids, circulating your income back into society to provide more jobs and tax dollars that help pay for hospitals and looking after the less well-off.

Our hero has a problem

Many people get reasonable performance reviews yet fail to realise their full potential. Knowing that they could be better, do more and achieve greater things if only they were recognised and appreciated enough to get out of the rut they are in. The more familiar you get with the routine of everyday, the more trapped you feel between providing for your family and following your heart.

And to top that, our hero is stressed out. The pressures to keep up are huge and the increasing demands, endless. And you know what? The better you perform the more is expected of you!

[callout]Always ahead of where I am at. I don't enjoy what I am doing because I'm always on the next thing.[/callout]

At GAINMORE™ AdvantEdge we get clear about your potential and how you can leverage your talents to create a meaningful future for you, your family and society. We know there is greatness within you and we'll work with you to work it out whilst getting properly in balance in your life.

Our hero needs a guide

Your GAINMORE™ AdvantEdge coach encourages you and helps you truly understand your own unique strengths and hidden talents . You'll know exactly what you want to achieve and when in all areas of your life. You'll use proven formulas that enable you to leverage your talents and strengths, aligned with your passion in your current role or a better future.

When you understand how your own brain works best and how to tap your giftedness fully, you'll effortlessly bring about change in your own life, and those of the people around you who matter most. The GAINMORE™ AdvantEdge process empowers you to be independent and continue your own journey whilst helping others on theirs.

Our hero needs a plan

[callout]It doesn't take talent or luck to succeed, you just need to decide. I'll show you how.[/callout]

When you're as busy as my clients are, who's got time to plan? Your todo list just reminds you of how much you have yet to do. Taking time out for yourself is just impossible, even though you know that you have to or burn out.

Yet you know full well, that when you have a clear structure to follow, one that is simple steps that are, on their own, quick and easy to do, then you can make real progress.

Just like getting in your car to drive to someplace unfamiliar. You'll set your destination in your GPS and ask for your computer guide to direct you through each twist and turn. Where you find heavy traffic, you want an alternate route. And warning of speed traps up ahead would be awesome too.

Our hero needs a weapon

We help you create a plan that will get you from where you are now, to where you want to be. Just like using your GPS in the car, only ours is called GAPPS5, the GAINMORE™ AdvantEdge Potential to Performance Success 5ystem. But more thanĀ  that, GAPPS5 provides you with the resources you need on your journey, whether that is a quick tutorial on having a courageous conversation or when to push back on your boss. GAPPS5 assesses where you are now and helps you plan the best, most efficient route for you to achieve your success and your coach will guide you every step of the way.

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