Love it or hate it. Your ability to deliver a powerful presentation makes the difference between success and failure.

Hosting a work or group presentation often comes with a great deal of anxiety attached. Many people do not like to stand up in-front of groups because they wonder how they are going to sound and if the audience will enjoy the presentation.

Fortunately, preparing yourself to properly articulate words and capture the attention of your audience will help to chase some of these fears away.

5 Tips to Positively Powerful Presentations

Plan The Right Way

Use Audience Interaction

Harness The Power of Visual Aids

Know How to Speak

Strong Introduction and Conclusion

Robert Cordray shares 5 simple, but oh so important tips on delivering a powerful presentation.

I thought that these were common sense. Then I ran an Executive Presentation Skills training for a well-known MNC and, in the baseline first presentation all 25 participants missed all five of these tips.

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