Let's say it's your birthday.

First, happy birthday! We got you a cake.

We're conditioned to think that more choice is a good thing, but “decision fatigue” makes choosing much harder. Here's how to fight it and be happier, too.

  • Running on empty – The decision fatigue phenomenon
  • The rise of simple
  • 5 Ways to fight back

Like you, I'm on a learning journey.

There are some people in your life who lift you up and edify you. Then there are those who drag you down and suck your soul out. I think of them as energy vampires. Oh how I wish I could simply stay in the sunlight and avoid them altogether.

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Instead, I'm going to have to make a choice to push back and walk away. But if they've already sucked my energy out, I won't have enough to make the decision….. aaaggghhh

[reminder]What's the biggest energy drainer you face? [/reminder]

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