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Leadership Development

Leadership Styles around the world

Curated by John Kenworthy July 24, 2014

[featured-image size=”featured” link=”http://www.brightonsbm.com/” single_newwindow=”false”]Created by Brighton SBM[/featured-image] According to Brighton School of Business and Management – an infographic representing the leadership styles around the world. I find it fascinating that they consider differences in style across Scandinavia, for example, and yet East Asia gets lumped into one style. [reminder]What do […]

Joe heart attack defrib cute nurse
Purpose and Values
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What's Better Today?

A Brush with Life

DrJohnK July 18, 2014

14 days ago, I was dead. The surgical team fought hard and shocked me rudely back to the operating table. Choosing not to proceed with the second stent in my heart, in case I refused to come back next time. That Friday morning was typical enough. A possible flu bug […]

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