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Transforming Talent

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Leadership development and developing your top talent matters because you want unity of cohesion and effort towards a common goal or objective – much of which is usually to make more money. And a united and cohesive team – one that trusts each other and collaborates will make you and your organisation more money!

Organisations accomplish what they do because of teamwork.

Whether you are in business, sport, education, the church and even marriage – teamwork is what paves the way to success. What a leader can do with a great team far surpasses anything they can accomplish alone. As a leader learns how to unite the right people around a shared vision, their influence truly begins to take off.

According to Dr. John C. Maxwell in his book, The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork, the 1st Law of Teamwork is The Law of Significance:

One is too small a number to achieve greatness. Leaders who fail to promote teamwork undermine their own potential and erode the best efforts of the people with whom they work. To accomplish anything significant, leaders must learn to link up with others.

But there's a huge problem with leadership development! Most of it doesn't work well.

Most organisations have serious doubts about the effective Return on Investment of Leadership Development Initiatives (even though very few actually measure it!) and few see real change resulting from most interventions.

A poor return on investment isn’t the only bad outcome of failed training initiatives. Employees below the top become cynical. Corporate leaders may fool themselves into believing that they are implementing real change through corporate education, but others in the organization know better

Harvard Business Review 2016 article on Why Leadership Training Fails

In the meantime, more and more is being asked of leaders in organisations and HR is often tasked with the responsibility to “fix the problem”.

More is being asked of leadership, and more will be asked of leadership as we arrive in the year 2020 and beyond. Therefore, neglecting leadership development programs and leadership coaching is tantamount to neglecting the entire organization.

One of the world's most respected executive coaches, John Mattone, on the future of Leadership Development in 2020 and beyond

Another problem is that leaders in the middle of the organisation and their HR colleagues find it difficult or impossible to confront senior leaders and their teams with an uncomfortable truth: that senior leaders are not demonstrating the type and calibre of leadership they insist is demonstrated by others. Beer, Finnstrom and Schrader, Oct 2016, HBR

Fixing the problem

In our own research, we set out to uncover why leadership development fails so often and how we can avoid the pitfalls… so we created the AdvantEDGE Development Framework and, when budgets and time allows, use a Flipped Classroom approach so that the development efforts work for the individuals AND for the organisation. That is, you get the results you want and achieve the objectives we agree.

How can I be sure it will work for us?

In the HBR study I refer to above, and from our own research and experience, when the senior leadership team commit to the development process then our approach works. If they don't then, it will still work, just not as well as it could.

We'll guarantee the results you want to achieve!

A large number of people in the coaching and training industry might suggest that their rah-rah one-off event will deliver the spectacular results you need. They won't guarantee the results though. But then they don't use the AdvantEdge Development Process.

Yes, you have a large part to play in the success, but don't fret or worry, we'll get everything organised and structured for you so that you can enjoy the great results (and accolades).

Who will actually deliver the coaching or training?

Unlike large training companies and big consultancy practices who send their big shot, grey haired super partners to sell you their services and then get a couple of wet-behind-the-ears fresh grads to do the delivery work, with us it will be the grey-haired super partners who deliver as well.

You will meet, and approve, all coaches or trainers involved as we establish and clarify your objectives and customise the programme for you.

Can you do a half-day workshop to improve our leadership team?

Sure. As part of a long-term leadership development programme that includes coaching for each team member.

Can I get a proposal or a quote from you then?

Sure, but only after we have met, discussed your needs, clarified objectives and understand your budget in terms of time, resources and money.

But I need your proposal to compare with another company I am considering…

No problem, we'll just meet up, discuss your leadership development needs, clarify your objectives and understand your budget…

I'm sorry, but we don't do boilerplate proposals. A proposal takes a lot of time and effort on our part. We charge you (up-front) for that time and effort OK?

And yes, we are fully aware that most of our competitors will send a proposal by the end of day. We like to do things properly.

How about a pilot programme?

Many clients started with a pilot programme for a single group. And remember, we guarantee results – if we don't deliver the results you want, you won't renew our contract.

Can I sit in on one of your training workshops/coaching sessions?

No. Sorry. We do not run “open” or “public” courses. And I promise not to ask you if an external party can sit in on yours.

You can sign up and experience our coaching for yourself. Book a Discovery Session and you'll experience it in full personally.

How much do you charge then?

Our corporate leadership development programmes typically run between $7,000-$25,000 per person and take between 3 and 18 months.

A lot more than most independent trainers and a lot less than the big consultancies and business schools πŸ™‚

When can we meet?

Contact me now and we'll schedule a time to talk.