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What's your Influencing Style?

Influencing Style

  • Are you pushy or do you pull people towards your ideas?
  • Are you people or results focused?
  • Discover your dominant style and learn how to leverage your key influencing attributes.
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  • David Bloch
    As I grow with the years, my perspectives change and I become more critical about what I read and assimilate. Yet I am very aware of the value of John's creative Newsletters in shedding light on aspects of leadership (and more!) that may be in the shadow and yet can be of use to me.

    Sometimes I smile compassionately at the minor typos, but nevertheless enjoy John's humour, conciseness and mature approach to life and the vagaries of humanity.

    The occasional illustration - mostly, as I understand it, his own design - serve to lighten the seriousness of the subject and provide welcome relief from the relative boredom of the majority of newsletters I receive.

    Distance as well as difference in professional focus exclude my participation in his activities, but I remain grateful for the email friendship which has developed in the course of years.

    John's vision is of great value to those still seeking to find their path as well as to those already treading their allotted or chosen path with some degree of confidence and security.
    David Bloch