How to Motivate! and get people to do things that matter

How do I increase my impact and influence and motivate people without resorting to manipulation or coercion? I walked to the front of the meeting room past my muttering colleagues. My hands clammy, my shirt beginning to soak with perspiration in the air conditioned room. Blinded momentarily by the projector, I faced my audience. Their faces […]

The Real War for Talent

The war is not to find talent; it’s to use the talent you have already. The search for talent is ongoing. Individuals seek to develop their talents, companies seek to identify talent and retain it, succession planning requires it, politicians plan for it, and the world wants to find it. But what is it? I […]

What’s so Special about Tech Leadership?

Technology leaders maintain a sense of difference to other parts of the business. They speak a jargon of their own and laugh at jokes that nobody else thinks are funny. That unkempt antisocial geek in the corner is your best programmer. They consider Dilbert is a guru and they can follow the time plot lines in Dr Who. What makes Tech leaders different and what’s the best way to develop them into business leaders?